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By Daniel Farò

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"Four Seasons" on Waller St. // San Francisco

A man at a bus stop was very convincing about the fact that these were worth going to see and they really were. Some of the most beautiful architecture I’ve seen (I’m all about Victorians anyway). Each house represents a season. Here’s a quick article from when “Fall” was on the market back in 2009.

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HQ Wonderland Outtake

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Subway, New york (Images from 70s and 80s)

Bruce davidson

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Siberia, California (1990’s).

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The Earth’s clouds reflecting moonlight, creating a faint, reddish glow at a beach in northern France. Beyond the clouds lie cosmic dust and star clouds of the Milky Way. The constellation Sagittarius can be seen peaking above the horizon and Jupiter is shining visibly on the right, amongst the stars of the Scorpius constellation. 

Photo credit & copyright: Laurent Laveder (July, 2007)